I want to inspire people all across the world. To make a difference, no matterhow big or small that difference may be. Words are power and so are pictures. Enjoy.
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    LA ✈ Scottsdale #PorkchopSandwiches #OhShitGetTheFuckOutOfHere

    Lovely. I wanna meet you so bad. 🙏 alannabobanna
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  • i miss my husky. (Missy) 

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    The Quintessential Two-Person Tent

    It’s not something we’re proud of, but, come on, admit it, we’ve all left it until the last minute to buy a cheap tent for the upcoming music festival, knowing that we’re probably going to just leave it there once we’re done, haven’t we? Well, if you haven’t then you are the noble exception to the rule, much like New Zealand-based Designer Nikolai Sorensen.

    Having professed a strong grievance about the way that the carefree, festival-going hoi polloi continue to abandon their cheap, temporary canvas homes, Sorensen set about putting us all to rights with his very own tent that, we’re sure, nobody will be throwing away any time soon.

    With his focus firmly set upon creating a tent with sustainability, style, longevity, and quality at its forefront, the Under Cover Camper was born; a two-person tent perfect for any occasion. Boasting durability in the wettest of fields and on the hottest of holidays, the Under Cover Camper places the value back into owning a luxurious, stylish tent. And you never know, with the knowledge of this stunning tent sitting in your trunk you may even be tempted to escape for a few more countryside getaways this Summer – so long as there’s a Wi-Fi hotspot nearby, huh.

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    "There’s a level of… connectivity."

    -The Most Astounding Fact, Neil deGrasse Tyson

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    Yellowstone National Park VIII ➾ Luke Gram